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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mrs. Carla Bruni, may I steal an ounce of your grace?

It seems that this era has found its new Princess Diana, but with a slight twist. Carla Bruni is the supermodel daughter of a rich Italian family (from the Devil's city, har har) and has been called a "homewrecker" after her marriage with Mike Jagger. Now she is the First Lady of France after her marriage to Nicolas Sarkozy. I must say, for a homewrecker she certainly has alot of class. In pictures she always looks demure and lady-like.

Exerpt from article:

Carla is always slightly behind her husband. She nods and smiles
reservedly and has excellent eye contact. When she sits with her toes pointed
towards the ground she deliberately smoothes her skirt down and tucks it
underneath, and puts her legs to one side, making her look more comfortable than
if she were sitting straight up. She has the three Ps: poise, presence and

If I could snap my fingers and trade wardrobes with anyone, I might chuse Ms. Carla. Flats are a staple of her wardrobe due to the fact that she's a towering 5'9" barefoot (she doesn't want to appear taller than her husband). And not to mention that amazing ensemble with the pillbox hat. Classic.
Read the whole article:


Belle said...

I love love love her, she's so classy.

Belle said...

She looks very pulled together. I love her flats.

La Femme Chic said...
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La Femme Chic said...

she looks so sophisticated. i love it!

p.s. I've tagged you ;)

Mr Christopher said...

Trop belle!