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Sunday, October 19, 2008

A much needed hiatus.

I am sorry fellow suburbanites, it has been months since I last posted. I was taking a slight hiatus for the beginning of senior year. It started off fairly slow, not much homework, working steadily on college applications, yada yada. Then it picked up and steam-rolled me over in a flourish of scholarship deadlines, Colorguard practices, and class assignments.

Two days ago was my final Homecoming at my high school. The theme was "Into the Jungle" and I was actually planning on wearing Zebra-printed Stilletos with my blue chiffon dress. But my mom convinced me otherwise (aka she wasn't paying for it). Below are a few pictures of the dress I wore.

Dress [Jessica McClintock], Shoes [Shii], Earrings [Kiosk]

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oh dear Penelope, that is your great great Grandfathers' face.

But this is your great sense of style.
If you haven't seen Penelope, you are in for a treat. It is a heart-warming, modern fairytale about a upper society girl born with a curse of a pig-nose. The scenes are beautifully filmed, all with the magical touch of butterflies, dust, and geraniums. I won't spoil the rest for you, except that you must see it. It's one of those "make-me-feel-good" movies.

And Penelope's outfits are absolutely adorable. The first thought that comes to my mind is Anthropologie, Lorrick cum Nicole Miller. The real designer of Penelope's outfits is MIA; I have searched everywhere online, but am unable to find out if the outfits are from one designer, a variety of designers, or self-made by the production team. If you know or happen to find out, please post. =]

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Drumroll por favor.

Still on vacation, so there probably won't be any interesting posts until I visit the great antique shops in VA. But on a happy note, I have been awarded the Brilliant Webblog Premio by Anne Marie of Stars are Purple (http://starsarepurple.blogspot.com/). Check her out!

So the rules of the award are:

1) When received, you may post the premio on your blog.
2) Link to the blogger you received from.
3) Give it to 4 blogs
4) And link to those blogs
5) Also, leave those four bloggers a comment about receiving the brilliant premio.

The fellow bloggers I am awarding are
1. Gabby of Quirky & Co. http://quirkyandcompany.blogspot.com/
2. Emmy of Vita la Nonsense http://viva-la-nonsense.blogspot.com/
3. Alex of Estilo Extrordinario http://estiloextraordinario.blogspot.com/
4. Gabriela of Sequin and Shoes http://sequinandshoes.blogspot.com/

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wishes and Wrought-Iron Gates

It's fortunate that the college is close to the river because the car is flashing close to empty. It trudges over the bridge behind a line of cars, begging for a break from the four-hour drive. I look up from my D.C. map and see the top of the clock tower peaking over the Sicamore trees. I suck in a quick breath; it was an exact likening of the brochures.

After finding the parking spot on the corner of O Street and 37th, I begin the trek uphill to the college gate. I can't help to stop and look at the decades old brownstones that hug the campus; some house antique shops while others boast clean-cut planters and jasmine. A woman in a Milly empire waist dress opens the door to one of the homes and steps down onto the porch. She gives me a quick smile, obviously recognizing that I was touring the campus. She hurries down the brick staircase and down the street; probably heading for the row of shops on M Street and Wisconsin.

The hills are steep, and at the top I look back. I wipe away the speckles of sweat that formed on my upper lip, embarrased that bodily functions are bringing this ethereal moment back to reality. My parents had stopped to talk to an undergrad student for directions to the Admissions Office, but I had decided to find the building on my own.

I step up to the wrought iron gate, glistening from a fresh coat of black paint. Through the arms are brambles of pink, white, and red flowers all blooming in full. The lawn is a rich shade of pine green, pristine besides a few summer students who chose to lay out in the early morning sunshine. I take a quick glance around for Admissions, disappointed by my oblivity.

"Looking for the Admissions Office?" an undergraduate student says, a bike beside him. He has a Carribean accent and tossled hair. "It's Old Gravenor. And it's the white building over there." He points to a collossal stone building to my right.

"Thanks," I say enthusiastically and begin towards the white structure. I take one last look at the wrought-iron gate, praying it would not be the last time I passed through its entrance.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

That was a tripppppp.

Here are a few outfits I plan to where on my D.C./VA trip. Kind of laid back, and reusing certain items to reduce weight.

Yellow Cardigan [Target], Tank [UO], Matchstick Jeans [J.Crew], Necklace [From Zimbabwe Africa]

India-inspired Dress [F21], Bag [Fossil], Gladiator sandals [F21]

Sweater [J.Crew], Denim shorts [Levi's], Scarf [Anthropologie], Stone Necklace [Nordstrom], Shoes [F21]

Red, Sleeveless Button-up [Vintage], Blue/white seersucker shorts [F21], Gold Ballet Flats [AE], Favorite Byzantine-style scarf [Vintage]

Empire-waist scoop neck [J.Crew], Denim shorts [Levi's], Gladiator sandals [F21], Bag [Fossil], Stone necklace [Nordstrom]

Yellow Cardigan [Target], Greenwich Village Screen Tee [Ruehl], Navy Chord Shorts [J.Crew], Long, Pearl Necklace [Somewhere?], Gold Ballet Flats [AE]

Monday, July 14, 2008

Life would be oh sooo boring...

...without freakin' controversy.

Too busy for a formal post, I apologize. Going to visit Georgetown University in two days!
Full Article:
"When a thing ceases to be a subject of controversy, it ceases to be a subject of interest. "
-William Hazlitt, British essayist

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mrs. Carla Bruni, may I steal an ounce of your grace?

It seems that this era has found its new Princess Diana, but with a slight twist. Carla Bruni is the supermodel daughter of a rich Italian family (from the Devil's city, har har) and has been called a "homewrecker" after her marriage with Mike Jagger. Now she is the First Lady of France after her marriage to Nicolas Sarkozy. I must say, for a homewrecker she certainly has alot of class. In pictures she always looks demure and lady-like.

Exerpt from article:

Carla is always slightly behind her husband. She nods and smiles
reservedly and has excellent eye contact. When she sits with her toes pointed
towards the ground she deliberately smoothes her skirt down and tucks it
underneath, and puts her legs to one side, making her look more comfortable than
if she were sitting straight up. She has the three Ps: poise, presence and

If I could snap my fingers and trade wardrobes with anyone, I might chuse Ms. Carla. Flats are a staple of her wardrobe due to the fact that she's a towering 5'9" barefoot (she doesn't want to appear taller than her husband). And not to mention that amazing ensemble with the pillbox hat. Classic.
Read the whole article:

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

He doesn't like Bubble gum flavored gum.

What is with all the hooplah about Mr. Barack Obama's interview with Maria Menounos? Personally, I found it rather touching. It was a great interview, Maria did a wonderful job when asking the two girls questions. It wasn't probbing, it was endearing.

Politicians are stating that Obama is using his family as a campaign tool, but I have to agree with Meredith Veira on this topic. Hillary Clinton was able to use her husband and her daughters to her advantage, but now there is criticism over Obama's family having their first interview.

One thing I have to say is why did Obama say the interview is a mistake? I think he should have just backed his decision and went with it. I understand that he wants to protect the privacy of his girls, but still. The interview wasn't probbing in any way, so there was no reason to pull his support. It doesn't do anything to help the image that he may be "wishywashy."

Next up: And interview with John McCain, his heiress wife, and two sons in the military. Can't wait!

Light as a spore of ash falling from the air at some industrial park.

Yeah, all this talk about global warming is so very depressing. What is worse is that most people don't do little things to try and lessen their effect on our Earth. Don't we want our children's children to have a place to live?

I am lessening my carbon footprint by using a resuable water bottle instead of using plastic. Pictures of my lovely bottle will come shortly. =3

Anyway, here are some pictures of my outfit to work (business casual). I have always used dance as an inspiration for my wardrobe, which will probably explain why most of my outfits look ultra-feminine or are worn with ballet flats. I even use my convertible tights as leggings! Shh, don't tell.

Ballet Pink Flounced Top [Ruehl], White Tank [Nordstrom], White Chino Shorts [J. Crew], Dull Golden Flats [American Eagle], Locket [Vintage]

Monday, July 7, 2008

Buys and one big Smarty Pants.

My mom's childhood friend came to visit, so we decided to take her to an outlet mall nearby. It's a fairly good mall; no way is it a Woodbury Commons, but it has a few essentials, like a J.Crew Outlet, Off Fifth, Banana Republic, Kenneth Cole, RL.

My vision for school is largely inspired by the July Teen Vogue editorial spread "Smarty Pants." I bought a pair of plaid print cafe capri's (I now officially wear a size 0 at J.Crew -applauseapplause-), crisp white chino shorts, and (not exactly part of my vision) a pair of grosgrain flip flops. Hey, I need something for my trip to VA.

By the way: ignore my hair. I had a dream I was Marie Antoinette so I wanted to try and recreate a lovely pompadour. Didn't really work did it?

Sweater [J.Crew], Long-sleeve tee [F21], Pants [J.Crew], Shoes [Shii], Belt [Vintage], Ties [Vintage], Locket [Vintage]

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Meet me, again.

So, your blogmaster has gotten a digi camera.

A picture of me at my newspaper internship.
(Why why why is it upside down???) >__<

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Clippings like an Old Maid

I tapped into my inner old maid and clipped out a bunch of interesting newspaper clippings. This was out of sheer boredom during my internship (instead of finding new story ideas I was reading "photo stories").

By the way, I got my cameraaaa! So expect to see alot of real pictures in the future, the first being my interpretation of business casual.

Here are the clippings. ;]]

Monday, June 30, 2008

Game, Set, Match.

Ahh, I love Wimbledon. I am a tennis player myself, but it is always humbling to watch the world's best duke it out on the grass. There's always the highlights (Venus Williams' beastly 127mph serve) and lowlights (France's underdog Dechy was defeated by #1 seed Ivanovic) plus it is always a pleasure to see what the players are wearing.

So I am pulling for a Venus/Serena finale. I don't watch much of the mens tennis until the semis or finals, but I am guessing that both will include Federer, Nadal, or Safin.

Here are a few pictures of the tournament. ;]]]

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gossip Girl, Prime Time's Forerunner in Style.

I usually don't watch alot of television aside from the news and HGTV, but the one show I love watching is Gossip Girl. Apparently it's nothing like the book (I tried reading it...tried...) but I love the outfits. I don't think I could choose between Blair or Serena; I love Blair for her Upper East Side prepster look and Serena for the innocent clubber getup. If anything, I love how the show can teach anyone how to dress up a school uniform.

Below are a few street pictures of people who look like they are out of Gossp Girl. I always find it helpful to look at a "normal" person wearing an outfit than a celebrity; it's easier to picture the outfit on yourself or to come up with inspiration.

One thing I have learned for G.G. is to love tweed. It has a touch of sophistication and is ultra-functional. It can be dressed up easily and dressed down aswell.

Sidekick Slide Review

The Suburbanite is going to get a little technological on you. Recently I caved in to the PDA craze and bought a Sidekick Slide. It has all the features of the Sidekick LX with a more compact design and sturdier slide monitor. I, coming from an ancient Sanyo (Sanwho?) flipphone and a service that drove my entire family batty (Sprint), was absolutely thrilled that I had the option to get a Sidekick at the great price of $49.99*.

My problems began.

First, I did not purchase the Data Service plan from TMobile, which limits the features that I use on my Sidekick. This problem was more of my fault; I was so eager to have the QWERTY keyboard I didn't think of the restrictions of not purchasing the Data Service. However, since I didn't buy the Data Service, everytime I turn my phone on the screen says "Waiting for Activation." In order to bypass this screen, I must press a button, which is a slight inconvienence, but one I was willing to live with.

Second, the phone is faulty. During the two-day cancelation from our Sprint service I perused the TMobile kiosks at the mall and looked at the different phones. Ironically, the day before I was to get my Sidekick Slide, a rather unfriendly tendant at a kiosk said that the Sidekick Slide is a piece of junk because "Motorola took over the design" and that "Motorola makes crap phones." What a lovely thing to say to a customer. -____-;; I got the phone the next day anyway.

After two days of having my Sidekick Slide something funny began to happen. Sometimes, when I would slide the monitor back into place all of my text messages, contact info, calendars, to do lists, and camera pictures would be deleted. After reentering all of my erased information, one slide of the screen would erase it all. I thought I had a defected device, so I called and made a switch to a completely new Sidekick Slide.

However, this Sidekick has done this very thing twice (thankfully it hasn't happened in about a week). I called TMobile again and realized it has been a problem with the phone! Maybe that unfriendly man at the kiosk was right; Motorola makes crap phones.

It's a shame. I am happy to have a QWERTY keyboard, but I feel like I am missing out on receiving picture messages, TZONES (I can't buy ringtones or new wallpaper), and email. I probably won't end up switching phones unless TMobile releases a non-Sidekick QWERTY phone. But I definitely don't recommend purchasing this product!

NOTICE: Wow. I just read an article that TMobile is going to switch out Sidekick Slide's for the Sidekick LX because of the terrible "data dump" problem.

I am calling to see what is up. If I can get a non-defective device I will repost. =]]]]]]

Veggie Garden MADNESS!

I am making a veggie garden/butterfly garden this summer. Well, semi-veg garden, as it will be in a container. But I made a complete design of the layout, flower placement, etc.. I am just feeling ultra-garden-y at the moment. Plus, being around the plants and sun has made me feel slightly inspired for any outfits. Think white tshirt dresses, pastel bandanas, swiss dots, floral skirts, and simple Keds. A big emphasis on florals, especially in a vintage style.
Photo Credit: From the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Visitor’s Photo Pool
Once the garden is completely finished I will do a photoshoot with my image in mind. Here's some street style of the look.