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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

That was a tripppppp.

Here are a few outfits I plan to where on my D.C./VA trip. Kind of laid back, and reusing certain items to reduce weight.

Yellow Cardigan [Target], Tank [UO], Matchstick Jeans [J.Crew], Necklace [From Zimbabwe Africa]

India-inspired Dress [F21], Bag [Fossil], Gladiator sandals [F21]

Sweater [J.Crew], Denim shorts [Levi's], Scarf [Anthropologie], Stone Necklace [Nordstrom], Shoes [F21]

Red, Sleeveless Button-up [Vintage], Blue/white seersucker shorts [F21], Gold Ballet Flats [AE], Favorite Byzantine-style scarf [Vintage]

Empire-waist scoop neck [J.Crew], Denim shorts [Levi's], Gladiator sandals [F21], Bag [Fossil], Stone necklace [Nordstrom]

Yellow Cardigan [Target], Greenwich Village Screen Tee [Ruehl], Navy Chord Shorts [J.Crew], Long, Pearl Necklace [Somewhere?], Gold Ballet Flats [AE]


La Femme Chic said...

I really like all of them, especially the dress from the second pic. :)

p.s. I've tagged you

Kkkeri said...

Haha what is tagging? x]]

Shirley's Place said...


strikeapose said...

You have a great style! Links traded :)